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Renovation Loan

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Renovation Loan

Is there anyone who has experience with loans for energy efficiency and renewable energies in the residential building sector (commonly called “renovation loan”)?

There seems to be a so-called "off‐the‐shelf" financial instrument being developed by the EC to provide loans to building owners/private owners
(with a particular focus on multi‐apartment residential buildings and social housing) at preferential rates to support EE and
RE measures. These loans seems to aiming at "multi‐ apartment buildings where the energy saving potential of renovation is significant but where apartment owners still
need appropriate incentives, in the form of complementary grant assistance, long‐term subsidised loan conditions and
upfront advisory support. A key objective of the renovation loan is to streamline the delivery of finance to final recipients."

Looking forward to any reply
Silva Herrmann, Norrbotten Energy Agency, Sweden

RE: Renovation Loan

Dear Silva,

We do not have experience of using a renovation loan but there is a financial mechanism very similar to this, specifically designed for UK residential buildings to support EE, called the Green Deal and ECO. Green Deal is a loan enabling homeowners to make ee improvements (e.g solid wall, cavity wall or loft insulation, draught-proofing, double glazing or RE improvements (e.g. solar panels or heat pumps). The idea is that the cost of installing the ee/measure is paid back by the homeowner through the energy savings made on their energy bill (so that they are never worse off financially).

There is also a grant called ECO which is designed to help those homeowners unable to benefit from the loan and who are most vulnerable (e.g. low-income households or those who live in properties that are harder to treat). Both mechanisms have been used in the UK as a financial instrument to support residential ee/re improvements. We'd be happy to answer further queries on this if you'd like to know more. Sorry we cannot be of more help regarding the Renovation loan!

Kind regards
Sam Simmons, Kent County Council, UK

Renovation loan

Dear Sam,
thank you for your answer! I am wondering

1) is there any evaluation available for the Green Deal and ECO (best would be a short summary of the results!)?

2) Do I understand correctly, that the Green Deal is making it possible that households not need to have a big amount of Money for the initial investments, but that they are paying back by installment? I mean, do they have the same amount on their monthly energy bill like they had Before, but the difference to the real (lower) cost is going to the installer? How is this working in reality - is the energy company also that organisation that is doing the effiency work? I mean, is it a kind of energy performance contract between the energy supplier and the household?