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  • Click HERE to get an overview of all the Coopenergy tools developed, at your disposal to inspire your work to take on a more multi-level governance approach. Happy browsing!

  • On 3rd December 2015 in Paris, the COOPENERGY partnership presented the results, lessons, and shining examples from the seven partner regions, to an audience of nearly 70 people. Access the event page for audio sequences, PDF presentations and pictures.

  • New Videos

    What is crowdfunding? Visit our videos page to find out and watch more videos on financing energy initiatives!



  • Partnership work in practice: COOPENERGY partners met in Zlin, Czech Republic, to evaluate the delivery of their energy initiatives in partnership, and share learning.


    Aims to help regional and local authorities plan sustainable energy activities in partnership.

    Find out more about the project here.




Rhônalpénergie-Environnement (RAEE)

RAEE logoRhônalpénergie-Environnement (RAEE) is the regional agency for energy and environment in the Rhone-Alps. We have been in operation since 1978 and focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable development, and the protection of the environment. Our key objective is to promote, inform and support local policies and projects led by local and regional authorities.

RAEE will be working closely with fellow French organisations, HESPUL and RCRA.

Watch our video to find out how we've been delivering energy initiatives in partnership, through the Coopenergy project:

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Why we are involved in COOPENERGY

We are involved as the regional energy facilitator and we are coordinating the development of the COOPENERGY proposal. We want to support the implementation of Multi-Level Governance agreements (especially positive energy territories) within our region and in coordination with HESPUL and the Regional Council of Rhône-Alpes.

What we want to achieve from COOPENERGY

We want to promote Multi-Level Governance agreements within our region and in other European regions and to strengthen our own technical capacities in the development of MLG tools. We also want to enhance approaches of working together on projects involving regional authorities, municipalities and local stakeholders.

We will share our vast experience from other European projects, developing local sustainable energy projects, and experience in European project management.

Multi-level governance and Positive Energy Territories (TEPOS)

Regional steering committee meeting for TEPOSRegional steering committee for TEPOSCOOPENERGY partners Rhône-Alpes (RCRA), Rhônalpénergie-Environnement (RAEE) and Hespul are working together to provide a collaborative energy planning service for Territories aiming to be Energy POSitive (TEPOS). Eleven territories have been selected and will be supported by the regional public authority (RCRA) to become Positive Energy Territories (TEPOS).

RCRA and RAEE are supporting one TEPOS (TEPOS PNR Bauges-Chambéry Métropole- Communauté de Commune d'Annecy) to implement multi-level governance processes between the regional and local levels in order to provide recommendations for the revision and the implementation of the Rhône-Alpes regional Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP). A celebration event took place on the 6 December 2013 in Chambéry.

As part of this process, a regional steering committee has been set up and the first meetings were held in January 2014. The TEPOS will also sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in early 2014 to strengthen their governance arrangements.